Synergy tees synergytees clothing is a scam site

Sandy, Utah 2 comments

synergy tees is a scam site there claim utah screenprinting but I ordered some shirts from them and never received any i've emailed they can't provide shipping info I've got nothing but excuses, now won't even respond to emails.The time has passed so I can't open a dispute with paypal.

do not order from synergytees its a scam site ran by single guy cameron ligman.

I also emailed him from a different account and got a response right back but he still won't respond to my emails.Do not order scam site.

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synergytees this is cameron ligmans confession that he likes little girls and has a criminal record for exposure to minors


None of this is true.The person who wrote these lies is named Jake Huff who has a criminal record, who is trying to still my business.

He will rip you off. Do not buy anything from distilled tees.He is simply trying to give my business a bad name.

I ship all orders within 3-5 business days via USPS with a delivery confirmation.Don't believe everything you read.

Synergy Tees - Synergt Tees is a Scam site.

Sandy, Utah 1 comment

Synergy tees Synergy clothing is a total scam site, I ordered a tshirt on Oct 21st and am still waiting at first I just got excuses then he stopped emailing me after the time had elapsed were Icouldn't open a dispute thru paypal, I emailed him from another address inquiring prices for a bulk order and he was really quick to respond to that but never even responded back to me about the order I paid for. I belive this site is run by a cameron ligman what a *** bag. I see there are other complaints as well from this same company

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This is absurd.I have a great reputation as a seller with PayPal and my valued customers.

I send a delivery conformation number and e-mail with every order which usually ships within 3 business days from the date of purchase.

The company who posted this is actually spamming my e-mails now asking me to pay them $1,000 a month take these complaints off and stop further harassment.I will be taking legal action.

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